Who Are Poor Souls

Who Are Poor Souls ?

At the moment of death, our soul and body will go their own way. Now it is time for our personal judgment. We will immediately be informed as to whether we will spend eternity in heaven or hell. If Gabby Gossip dies one hour from now and is not in a state of grace, then Gabby Gossip will be in hell in exactly one hour. On the other hand, if Persevering Pamela dies in a state of grace, with no mortal sin on her soul, she will spend eternity in paradise. Going straight to heaven is possible, but as Pamela correctly expects that she will first have to stop through purgatory to have her soul cleansed of any remaining attachment to earthly desires. Purgatory is no party.

What is purgatory?

It is the final purification or purging of our souls before we enter heaven.
Purgatory is temporary. It will pass away on the last day of Earth.

Is purgatory a place?

Purgatory only refers to the state of being purged of our sinfulness. Whether or not there is a physical place where this occurs, we will not know until we arrive. Since it is difficult for us earthlings to envision supernatural things, some of us may tend to envision purgatory as a place, which is fine, as long we realize that the Church has not yet defined whether ornot it involves a place.


Is purgatory a second chance for us?

No. There are no second chances after we die. Purgatory is only for the elect (the heaven-bound folks who were already forgiven for their sins upon dying). Forgiveness is available only while we are on Earth. It is available to us thanks to Christ’s death and

Why do we need purgatory?

Very simple. In heaven there is no sin. I sin. Therefore, I cannot enter as
I am now.The Bible says “But nothing unclean shall enter [heaven]” (Rev. 21:27)Our purification is for the good of all the people living eternally in heaven. God knew that hischildren would be most happy if the people around them had been refined into the most loving,caring people they could be. Realistically, would you rather spend heaven with a group of judgmental, snippety, greedy folks, or a community of generous, selfless, loving, happy, caring friends?

What is the end goal of purgatory?

After purgatory, we will truly be holy enough to meet Christ face to face. In heaven, we will actually see him and know him as He is our God.
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